The House, at the commencement of or during its term, establishes a number of Parliamentary Committees for various purposes. These committees are known as Standing Committees.

Standing committees    

The following Standing Committees of the House of Representatives have been appointed by the House and continue to exist:

  1. Standing Orders Committee
  2. Privilege Committee
  3. Legislation Committee
  4. United Nations Sustainable Development Goals
  5. Gender Peace and Security
  6. Portfolio Committees
    • Referendum Weapons Disposal Peace and Unification
    • Law & Justice;
    • Information Awareness and Public Consultation;
    • Social and Economic Development;

As their specific role indicates, membership of these particular types of committees is drawn from non-executive members of the House of Representatives.

Statutory committees   

An Act of Parliament establishes statutory committees. The Public Accounts Committee (PAC) is a statutory committee established under the Public Accounts Committee Act 2005 and stipulated in sections 160 and 161 of the Bougainville Constitution. The appointment of the Committees and its functions, duties, and powers are provided for in the Act.

Committees are created to examine matters according to their areas of responsibilities, their specific legislative roles of considering Government Bills and to consider referrals that are assigned to them by the House.

Elected Members of the House of Representatives make up these committees.

Parliamentary Committees of the House of Representatives include the Business Committee, Statutory Committees, and Standing Committees.

The Constitution empowers the House of Representatives to appoint committees in, Part V. – Bougainville Legislature, Division 5. – Procedures, Privileges, etc., of the Bougainville House of Representatives – Sections 70-76 on Committees. Chapter 6 of the revised Standing Orders of the Bougainville House of Representatives provides for the Establishment, Membership, Functions, Powers, and Proceedings of Parliamentary Committees.

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